Question for PIODATA DVD-R 4X

has anyone tested piodata DVD-R 4X medias ?
Please ;et me know what you think about this media.


The ones that I got from were 4x Lead Data. They were not worth the money so I sent them back. I will pick up the Arita 4x +r discs instead.

Pioneer has 3 factories that make their disks, 1 is Leaddata, 2 is Ritek and 3 is Gigastorage (which is part of Ritek).

If you are lucky enough to get the Ritek disks your laughing your way to the bank. The US version of Piodata I have heard are Leaddata but the UK version is Ritek G04.

I bought 25 of these from Big Pockets and they were sold as Ritek G04 Printable. Didnt know they were POIDATA until I received them with PIODATA printed round the centre of the disc. Never had a coaster from them.