Question for people who with the Aluminum Case from Mertiline

Do you guys store 2 DVDs back to back on each sleeve or is that bad for the disks?

Any other issues to keep the quality of the burns up to par?

If you are referring to:
Then yes I do. Seems to be just fine.

I say this because I tried the following

I put 2 burned DVDs in seperate sleeves ( by themselves)

then I put 2 burned DVDs in the same sleep (back to back in the same sleeve)

and I get spikes in the middle of the quality Disc for the 2 DVDs that are in the same sleeve

when the solo DVDs ran the quality test perfectly.

I’m doing more tests, just wondering if someone is already on top of this :slight_smile:

Any time you use sleeves for DVDs, you run the risk of 2 things.
1st, small scratches are almost a certainty, DVD’s are very suseptable to playback problems from scratches, and they also produce error spikes on scans.
2nd: warpage of the disc. DVD’s are also very sensitive to even the slightest warp, however they can sometimes straighten out on their own.

IMHO, sleeves of any kind should not be used for DVD. If they are, the sleeve should be loose fitting and the disc should be stored standing on edge. Paper sleeves are the worst for scratching.

Quick questions

  1. What is warpage?

  2. You should say the disc should be stored standing on edge? Does this mean placed vertically? How can you tell if my sleeves are paper sleeves? Which are the best sleeves?

These are my sleeves

Looks like you have cloth sleeves that store hanging vertically, which is great. Warpage is what it sounds like, the disc warps. Like I said, all sleeves cause scratches. With CDR’s it’s not such a big deal but with DVD’s it will effect error scans and possibly playback. Really depends on how many times you slide the disc in and out of the sleeve.

I’ve done some tests and I’ve seen fast degradation in the meritline case. I think I’m going to return this case.

Anyone else have this problem?

Take a look at my scan below. I stored this disc in a meritline case for 7 months and rescanned with virtually no loss. I have re-run this many times on different discs with no trouble. TY and MCC media are just fine in these cases. If you are experiencing any degradation I would look for other causes.

Chas0039, do you have AIM, MSN, or use mIRC so I can talk to you privately?

I have a case that looks the same (even the wallets are the same - but it’s not from Meritline obviously, as I’m in the UK), and I’ve had no problems storing discs in there for the last year and a half or so - I do take discs out periodically and re-scan them. So far, all is good.