Question For Mr. Slysoft RE:DRM

Mr. Slysoft just wondering if you have attempted to break the DRM on wmv files?

If you have how close are you to cracking it?

Could there be an AnyDVD for breaking DRM in the future?


I wouldnt imagine they would… anydvd is for backing up your own dvds, however breaking drm would mean gaining cerificates that dont belong to you, which would mean microsoft wouldnt be happy, and thats not a company to mess with…

I allready see the US marines invading a small carribic island :sad: :bigsmile:

No doubt. How close are we to the addition of Antigua to the ‘Axis of Evil’ and the announcement that it has WOMD? :rolleyes:

not to turn this into a chat room… but i think this is relevent

:bow: Microsoft :bow:
Time starting to look for alternatives :sad:
What do you think, are they going to drop the bomb :rolleyes: