Question for Liggy or Dee on the 3540 Firmware

I just ordered a n NEC 3540 frem Newegg. I need bitsetting for a few older set top players. I just downloaded the firmware. Here are a few questions I have…

The readme file says
101d_orig.exe - Added support for booktype setting

Question, Is this the stock NEC firmware with bitsetting added ???

Also, Is the bitsetting automatic like the firmware for my old 3520 or do I
have to set the booktype with some software ??? (Forgive the questions
but i’m a bit new to altered firmware) If I have to manually set the
booktype, does it need to be done before every burn ???

The readme file says
101d_fast.exe - Including riplock patch

Does this “fast” firmware also do bitsetting ???

Thanks, Your help is much appreciated…


yes to both

how about reading the readme.txt in the zipfile :slight_smile:

I did, It was vague… It said nothing about the rpc1 or riplock versions having bitsetting…

Is the bitsetting automaticaly set to dvd-rom or do I have to set it everytime I burn a disc ??? Again, the readme says nothing about it.

I appreciate the help… Thanks…

I believe the settings are set-and-forget. So, you’ll only have to set the booktype once.