Question for lapinou

Is there a possibility to modify bwareader to read the physichal characteristics of StarForce 3.xx protected games ?

not planned at this time

why not? modding bwareader to pick off starforce is a hell of a lot better than turning blindwrite from the badass app it was in 4.5.7 into the 1-click noobfest that it is now…

[deth] making ironic comments wont actually help to make it happen now will it? Lets all be polite here :slight_smile:

Its true tho,

It seems like Lapinou is putting more time and effort into making blindwrite less intimidating than in making an app that massacres copy protection. Blidnwrite 4 wasnt a 1-click app, but it did its job and we all got used to the interface. I think, and im sure a lot of people could agree, that its time to lay off the emulation and the user-friendly interface, and focus more on researching ways to defeat the nasty protections that are out there now. Safedisc and Securom went DVD, Starforce runs rampant and tages likes to weare its ugly head from time to time. Im sure if blindwrite authors takes some of the effort away from dubbing down blindwrite and put it on one of these protections, then maybee it would be defeated… its preety sad that were paying for blindwrite and the only thign the blindwrite team seems to be doing with the updates is insulting our intelligence by making it emulate safedisc in one click :frowning:

couldnt the blindwrite team split up into two teams? one team can focus on making a blindwrite basic which is basically blindwrite 5.2, emulating evetyhting you throw at it, and then maybee a blindwrie advanced without the 1-click interface for those of us who actually know what they are doing and want to be able to config the app without resorting to 3rd party tweakers and other weird stuff, and who also want 1:1 backups?
Then the Blidnwrite team can focus on researching ways to 1:1 the hard protections and update BW advanced to handle it 1:1, and the emulation approach can go to BW basic? What about DVD raw dao? isnt that plausible? is that handled by the software or in hardware? wouldnt all safedisc dvd really needs is a EFM drive and raw dao to make a real backup?

I Paid for my copy of BW but i never update it beyond 4.5 since i cant stand what bw5 has turned to, It seems liek everything bw5 can do, 4.5 can do it better and without the tweakers and the 1-click interface, and 4.5.7 keeps detailed logs, and has its own image scanner, where is all that in bw5? I think blindwrite has regressed instead of progressed, nothign neat is being added anymore, it doesnt have any cool ninja updates that slice thru a new protection, unlike bw4 when plex 1:1 came out, that was sweet… speaking of which what exactly did they do to the 712n that makes it not 1:1 securom anymore? all that anyone said was it doesnt do it anymore and rude suggestions to go nag plextor about it instead of explanations. Is it possible that they did blocked 1:1 for the new 1.06 fw for the premium? It may be a surprise to vso but some of your customers actually do have knowledge and some intelligence…

No, neither plausible nor possible at present. No writer can write a dvd in raw mode (never mind efm). True emulation free back-up copy of safedisc protected dvd therefore isn’t possible.

philamber: they said 1:1 securom wasnt possible either until plex came along :stuck_out_tongue:

anyhow i kinda got this thread too off topic… would it work if BWAbuilder was modded to make a bwa of starforce? all it would really need is better percision and bw to be coded to be mroe precise in burning it, then maybee plex premium can do the rest as it does securom… starforce, after all, is just securom except with more percision.

yes, but also with variable sector size. which is much more difficult to extract.

You say, much more difficult … so it’s not impossible!!

Can’t wait for the next BlindWrite release.

Or is this whishfull thinking?