Question for Herrie on new firmware

No it’s not another ‘when will it be released’ question. It’s a question on what firmware build you will be using for the new update. Since there have been various releases since you anounced you were working on a new update to 2.15. Like the newest 2.06 (Funny that it is newer than 2.15).

Was wondering if you would be transfering across all the bits you have been working to a newer firmware build and including any ‘improvements’ from the new erfirmwares.

No idea what the holdup is but I think I can safely vouch for others in that we are all curious as to what is going on behind the scenes :slight_smile:

He will probably stick with the HP firmware with full bitsetting.

That should be fine but if he could incorporate new strategies from the 2.06 that would be awesome :iagree: :iagree: :bow: :bow: