Question for firmware modifiers

Do anyone of you plan to add support for dvd+rw 8x or dvd-rw 6x or if possible, dvd-r9. Please :bow: we worship you.

8X RW burns at the moment could only be done for the 3520 drive, -R DL can only be supported when NEC support it. Again, this will probably only happen for the 3520 and future drives.

Although I don’t do any NEC firmware stuff, I think I should issue a little warning here from my experience overspeeding +RW on LiteOn and previous experiences that other people had overspeeding +RW on Pioneer drives…

Overspeeding RW media (esp. +RW) can potentially damage the disc physically, beyond repair (a common myth is that because these discs can be “erased”, they can take a lot of punishment). RW discs (remember how CD-RW discs were like? the “High Speed” can’t be burned any faster or any slower than the rather narrow speed range defined for it) are especially sensitive to the effects of speed, and overspeeding RW media is usually not a good idea (there are a few exceptions). The 3520A should support 8x/6x for the RW media that officially support it, so there’s no need to do much in the way of RW hacking.

aw thank you