Question for codeking on 4 disc memory buffer

I have a question on the 4x memory buffer…i know the drive has 1 as i bought a pack of imation 4x dvd+r. the first disk burnt was unreadable.the second had pi/po errors within standards but still high. the next i swapped strats and burnt at 8x, the 4x portion wwas excelent but from 52% onwards the errors went skywards lol. so i kept the strat but went back to 4x (this = 4 burns) since then i have what i would class as excelent results pi average of 1 max 4. po max 2 aveage of 0.2…i will post the results of write strats with pics in stratergy swap thread.
the question i have is i have lots of different disks for different jobs. ie 1 type plays better in dvd players. then i use another for my xbox as it has a dogy phillips drive that only reads certain disks.
i am hoping in the future that i will find a disk that covers everything but untill then could you answer me this.

  1. does the memory retain the last 4 burns only or the last 4 burns of each individual disk. if you understand lol
  2. if i get excelent burns from say 7 of the same dvd then burn 1 on a different disk will that alter the burns of the old dvd’s (ie will it take another 3 burns to get back the the results i was getting).
    also if you have the time as i know your busy testing firmware could you please explain either in here or a sticky the 4 disck buffer in a bit more detail
    thanks in advance

1/ There are 4 burn logs of the last four burns of any disc.
2/ Every media code has it’s own burn setting so it will not be affect by using other media once it has learnt a particular media type. A bad burn of one disc could affect the next few burns as well, of the same media type.

I don’t really won’t to get into any more detail then that at the moment until I am 100% sure how it all works. What most people want to know is what it takes to get the best burn from their drive. I can now tell them that 4 consecutive burn of the same media will do this, even though it may be at it’s best already, after two.

Using RITEKR03 @ 4x in my 812S, for the first time, saw a 50% reduction in PIs on the second burn and the third was virtually the same…

ok thanks…i dont feel the urge to learn about the 4 disk buffer now as you have put my mind at rest in your response to question 2. once its learnt it has learnt and will stay the same…thanks again for all your hard work on the firmware. i am finaly getting the burns that i imagined i would. i hope liteon read just a few of the posts in the forum and realise how big a problem the drive is and how much the simple things can improve them. keep up the good work we all owe ya 1…