Question for BenQ EW1621

Hey there guys. I stumbled across this forum and the people here look very knowledgeable. I actually contacted BenQ with this problem, but they told me to piss in, in a polite way. :rolleyes:

Anyway my problem is getting QSuite to run on my EW1621 drive. When I try running it it gives me the error message that the drive or firmware is not supported. I am using QSuite 2.1 and the firmware for my drive is 47N9 (The latest according to the BenQ website)

Is there anyway I can get QSuite to run on my drive, such as trying different firmware. I tried the unofficial BenQ firmware page ( and it is down.

Any help will be appreciated. I’m sorry if this has been answered before.

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum aegisofrime. :clap:
The problem here is that as the EW162I does not support SB/OS etc. You need QSuite 1. See here.
On the question of f/w look here. The latest shown is 47P9.

Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply! :smiley:

I’m downloading the software and trying it now. The 47P9 firmware isn’t listed anyway on BenQ’s website. You must have found it by magic.

The reason why I need to run QSuite and stuff is I just bought these horrible quality DVD media and I figured QSuite will help with the quality of the burn. As you can see from the attachment, it’s really quite crappy.

Thanks once again!

Hi :slight_smile:
Unfortunately with your drive about the only feature that might help is QScan. This tells at what speed it’s best to write to the media. However this is not as reliable as it could be.
I had some Sony DVD’s with this MID. They weren’t very good either.

Really… :bigsmile:
QSuite 2.1 will for sure run on EW162I drives with latest firmwares. On some setups, you’ll have to click away the error message (up to 7 times) though.

Another very useful function can be WOPC switch ON/OFF. This is only ment for high quality media, that you seemingly are not using yet. :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
pinto2 of course your right, but that’s what QSuite 1 will give you. As for WOPC On/Off, SKC media doesn’t really benefit either way. At least in my experience. Just trying to keep it simple. :smiley:

zebadee, TP explicit asked why QSuite [B]2.1[/B] wouldn’t run…
And IIRC QSuite v.[B]1[/B] had a bug with “blank disc capacity” size and the QScan function was kinda primitive and unreliable.
With QSuite v.2 this issues has been addressed and the app as whole is more reliable.

Agree with you about the crappy 4x SKC media though. Pure junk!

Thanks for the help!

My drive is flashed and it’s 47P9 now. QSuite 2.1 runs perfectly. I’m disappointed that my drive doesn’t have SolidBurn though, that would have helped to burn my media better.

I learnt my lesson and in the future I will buy better quality (read:more expensive :p) media. But hey, I bought these for 20 Singapore dollars, which is probably 12 USD for 50 discs! That’s kinda cheap to me.

I might be in the market for a new drive. Should I get a better drive, or should I wait for Blu-Ray?

Hi :slight_smile:
Glad you got there. :clap:
As for new DVDRW & Blu-Ray. The first generation BR capable drives will probably be outperformed by standard DVDRWs’. A bit like CDRRWs’ did (& some say still do), when compared with DVDRWs’.
Personally I’d go with the latest drive from BenQ (1650/1655). Other makes are available. :iagree:

Yes I managed to get things working at last thanks to you guys’ help. BenQ support should be ashamed of themselves!

I guess inevitably we will all be switching to Blu-Ray once it matures. Thing is… For tasks like backing up precious data, will we take the risk of putting 25GB worth of data in one disc? :smiley:

Once again thank you. I’m glad I found this forum.

Maybe, maybe not. I doubt if I will. :slight_smile:

Thing is… For tasks like backing up precious data, will we take the risk of putting 25GB worth of data in one disc? :smiley:

Exactly. Also, what to do with all that space when
backing up movies, unless doing HDTV…