Question for Benq 1650 and TYG02 users



I just installed my Benq_1650 (fw_BCFC). Using the same batch of Taiyo Yuden TYG02 -R media from Rima my PI Errors are over twice that of my Benq_1640 (BSLB). The PI Failures are a tiny bit higher and include that
constant aprx. 1.7gb spike.
Since I’m well stocked with the TYG02 and only write at 8X,
(DVD Identifier says 8X is Max on the Benq while my Plextor 716A states 1X to 16X), I’m looking some input concerning the scans and
wondering if the 1640 is that better of a drive or if the 1650 performance can be improved.
Both my 1640 and 1650 are stock drives, no Q-Suite installed.
The BSLB fw is it for my 1640 + TYG02, but is there a better firmware for the 1650 using my media or are we waiting for a better firmware upgrade?
I’m just curious about the over double PIE’s compared to the 1640.
And will Benq ever fix that 1.7gb PIF spike?
I know the scans are not terrible but I’m used to getting better with the 1640.
Thanks for any input concerning the 1650 and TYG02 media.


I’ll try this once again.
I cant be the only one here that uses TY G02 with the 1650.
Two simple questions:

Is the 1640 a much better writer with TYG02 media than the 1650?
And is the stock fw BCFC the best the 1650 has to offer as of now for this media?

Also while at it if a long time freak or mod would care to constructively criticize my original post as to why no replies I would appreciate it. Really. Being new and being one of a couple posts with no replies on 7 pages I must be doing something wrong. I have searched and read before and since posting.
Thanks again for “any” feedback.


Well, what burns were those? The first ones?
Mine does ok with tyg02’s,

your 1640 may have been a better burner, give the 1650 time, if after 3 or 4 burns,
it’s not getting better then you might have gotten a not so good one.
luck of the draw


Hi :slight_smile:
Jonn, sorry you haven’t had a response to your initial post. I guess that others are unsure as to the answer. All the f/w’s available for the 1650 appear to give somewhat higher PIE than the combination of 1640/almost any f/w.
The latest f/w BCHC has been the best yet for me & TY media (regardless of whether 8x or 16x). However this was not repeated with MCC media showing a somewhat indifferent set of results by comparison.
I should point out that I have SolidBurn enabled for all media (known & unkown) all the time. The exeption is when a f/w is first released. Then default settings are used initially.
I suggest enabling SB first. Depending on results you may then want to try a different f/w. Remember if this makes matters worse you can always flash back.


I have given up on TYG02. I find that I always have problems with high PIE totals. Even when I thought I had the problem solved with my NEC 4570, later burns had PIE close to yours. I have tried this stuff on 10 burners and nothing seems to work consistently.

You should consider TY T02 +R if you want lower PIE as well as PIF. For some reason TYG02 is just inconsistent, even within the same batch. BTW, TYG03 is worse.


Thanks guys:
I appreciate your time and help.
After much more reading here it appears until a better firmware for the 1650 comes along I will stick with the 1640 with my huge stock of TYG02.
I guess everyone was hoping the 1650 would upgrade the 1640.
I should know better with many years of experience with electronics.(home audio / video)

rbrtpl, your scan looks like my scans, a high PIE if compared to scans of the 1640 (BSLB) as zebadee stated seems to be the norm.
chas0039, I must say I’m sorry for your experiences with TY -R. I have used them almost exclusively since I started with my Plextor 708A. Even with my Plex716A and the Benq 1640 they provide excellent writes.
That’s what was confusing me with the Benq 1650. The very high PIEs compared to the 1640.
I buy from Rima so I think I can trust their product. I haven’t used +R media but if I stick with Benq I may have to experiment.

I thought SolidBurn was on by default.
Anyway, I remember when newer meant better. Guess those days are gone. :slight_smile: (in some cases)
My thanks and best for the help guys.


A few things I’ve noticed with my 1650 (BCFC) and two tubs of TYG02 I have.

  1. DW1640 with BSOB or BSPB often thinks better of the 1650 burn via scans than the 1650 does of it’s own burns.
  2. LiteOn scan is also much cleaner and doesn’t see spikes and errors the 1650 frequently does.
  3. I get much better results with TYG02 on 1650 after a few burns with Solidburn on for known media rather than without. (Worth trying in your case)
  4. Not all TYG02 is created equal. If you use SB on for known media then stick with the same TUB and dump the learned strategy before burning any of the next tub.

I haven’t found a firmware yet for the 1650 and TYG02 that I’m entirely happy with. IMO, the 1640 with any firmware easily equals or surpasses 1650 burns of TYG02, and a lot of other media as well.

I stopped worrying too much about 1650 scans and put more faith in the 1640 and LiteOn for scanning.

BTW, SolidBurn is only turned on by default for ‘unknown’ media.
Download Qsuite and have a play :slight_smile:


[B]Plextor 8x DVD-R, TYG02, Jewel Cased[/B] @8x

Writer: DW1650, FW: BCFC, SB = ON/ON, WOPC = OFF

My first 99% quality disc … what more can I say? If your media is of high quality, give it a try with WOPC OFF … you might see a slight increase in PIE, but PIF seems to decrease …


Already Taken & cvs, thanks for the input.

AT, very interesting read. I had not considered much of your findings. I understand and appreciate an alternative look at the situation. And thanks for the SolidBurn info. My thinking was the opposite. Nice to get that straighten out.

cvs, nice. as much as I did not want to invlove Q-Suite I guess I’ll have to read the manual and install it. Taxing to an old brain like mine. I never used Plextools with my Plextors and was satisfied. On the other hand Benq appears to actually benefit from some tweaking from Q-Suite.

Thanks once again for everyone’s willingness to teach. I will put it to use.


These types of scans are why the quality Score is not that useful, IMO. The PIE is not very low at all, and yet, still 99%, just because of the way CD-speed calculates QS :doh: