Question for all you Plextor PX-708A Owners?

I just got this burner after taking a Sony DRU-530A and TDK 840G back because I had major problems. Any way so far I am very happy with the performance of this burner, it writes Memorex DVD+R 4X @ 8X:)

But my question is I am having problems with the DVD-R they dont write @ 4x with DVD Decrypter only with Nero? My firmware is 1.04 should I update my firmware, I heard sometime you have more problems when you update the firmware? Also Is there a firmware or hack to enable the burner to write DVD-R @ 8X? One more question I have 3 Burners can you use a Controller card for DVD RW? I want to be able to use all my burners, Thanks for you time:)


Hi kiaconcepts (strange name, you drive a Kia car I precume? ;)), welcome to the forums.

You say that you can burn DVD-R media at 4x but only with Nero and not with DVD Decrypter? Are you using the same media? If so then I don’t really know what could be causing your problem since normally the burn speed depends on the hardware and not on the software (provided of course that you haven’t manually selected a lower recording speed).

You can update your firmware to 1.06. My drive is running 1.06 and I have not experienced any problems so far. When you do experience problems you can always downgrade to a lower firmware again so this isn’t really a problem.

8x DVD-R burning is not possible with the Plextor PX-708A, there is no hacked firmware that can enable this for the drive. The drive can run from an IDE controller. I also have four burners installed in my computer and they’re working fine.

What card are you using, Mine is the one that came with my 200 GB HDD, I think its a promise controller card?

@ kiaconcepts
Depending on your card it may/may not support ATAPI drives.

I think it does not support ATAPI drives, what one would you reccomend:) And where would I get one?

Before you go and buy a new card, what brand and model do you have?
You should be able to determine using the Device Manager.

Device manager says Promise Ultra 133 TX2

You got 4 ide channels on the mainboard use the promise card for your hard drives only this is my setup

Ide 1
Liteon cd-rw 48x-master
Yamha 24x cdrw-slave
Nec 2500-master
Plextor 708-slave
Promise card
200 gig hd
160 gig hd
120 gig hd
120gig hd
200gig on serial ata on a AN7 mobo
xp2500mobile chip@2700mhz
Personal Cinema card

Originally posted by kiaconcepts
Device manager says Promise Ultra 133 TX2

Your card supports ATAPI drives according to Promise’s site.

I will try both configurations, Thanks

Ok I hooked my 2 HDD to the promise card, And my 3 DVD burners to the 2 IDE in my mainboard, I try to boot up and I get the windows XP Loading screen then the Blue with white text Microsoft hardware error?? What should my BIOS settings be? What I am doing wrong?


Damn now I cant even go back to my original setup, Its All messed up now, Damn Blue Hardware Error?? Keeps restarting?

I don’t know what’s causing your problems. I am using a “CMD PCI-0649 Ultra DMA IDE-controller” for my system. Here is my setup:

-IDE1M: Maxtor HDD (main with OS)
-IDE1S: empty
-IDE2M: DVD recorder
-IDE2S: DVD recorder

-Controller IDE1M: Western Digital HDD
-Controller IDE1S: empty
-Controller IDE2M: DVD recorder
-Controller IDE2S: CD recorder

My IDE controller works perfectly with optical drives. Maybe it’s wordth buying a new IDE controller that support optical drives?

Ok I got back to nornal configuration, In order to have the HDD boot up with the controler card, Don’t have to enable in BIOS?
How do I access the bios the promise card, Thanks

Do you have your hard drives hooked up to the controller card now? As for your controller card showing up in your BIOS, it should detect it automatically. I’m wondering if you’re using the correct IDE cables for the drives. I had a problem a few months back when I used a 40 pin cable and for some reason it didn’t work. I ended up using a 80 pin cable and it worked fine.

Kiaconcepts - it depends on your motherboard. To boot the system from my Promise Card, I have to go into the system bios and find the option for boot sequence. The option I select is to boot from SCSI device first (the Promise card is seen by the system as a SCSI device). I have all my hard drives on teh SCSI device, and all my optical drives on the motherboard. In the old days (back when the first Promise Card was an Ultra33), optical drives wouldn’t work well (or at all) with them. Now, lots of folks have no trouble with CD or DVD burners on Promise Cards, but some still do. One of my drives is a PX-708A, and it’s running fine from the motherboard (Master on secondary controller).

DVDAddict - For hard disks, you need an 80 wire cable for Ultra100 or Ultra133 to work. While it shouldn’t be necessary for CD and DVD burners (the newest ones typically run at Ultra66), it’s not a bad idea (I use 'em on all my burners). They’re less “noisy” than 40 wire cables. If I understand it correctly, the 40 pin cable basically uses a common ground/return for all its signals - the 80 wire cable has a separate ground/return for each signal.

Ok I got back to nornal configuration, In order to have the HDD boot up with the controler card, Don’t have to enable in BIOS?
How do I access the bios the promise card, Thanks