Question for 851s owners!

I have an 851s with the GS0C firmware and want to know if I should upgrade the firmware and if I should, to which one?

I just want the drive to accept the media and perform good burns without errors, and I don’t want to hose my drive doing the wrong thing to it.

Thanx for any advice given!


GSC2 from Codeguys. Also, check out the sticky Omnipatcher thread.

What is the best media to use with the 851S?

+R media such as Ricoh, TY, MCC would be your best bet. They aren’t the cheapest ones, but you get high quality media. Look around the Media Forum to find out how to get them.

Thanx for the responses guys! This is a very informative Forum, glad I found it!

tosses in PRODISCR02 an a low-cost alternative :wink:

Hmm… looks like the Ricoh era has just ended in the Liteon forum, and the Prodisc era has begun. :wink: