Question: DVD's that have English (not sure what its called) subtittle maybe? how

Aloha all,

Sorry if i sound stupid, but I have had DVD for about 9 months a love it. But i have never figured out how to enable this feature, not even sure what its called.

When a DVD has people that speak english, and then there are people that speak a different language how do you enable it so the text comes up?

If you don’t enable subtitle at the beginning it has no text, however i enabled it once and the whole movie has text for english and others talking.

Is there a way to do it, so when they are not speaking english the text will come up?

Again sorry to sound dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

I record all my movies to Hard Drive…

That depends on the player you are using.

Useing my Memorex DVD/RW Drive. It think its not ripping in the movie thats why it doesnt show. When you play the DVD with the same program (VideoLan) the text comes up…

still more info needed; what are you using to Rip and Burn? Do you have Power DVD to play?

I use DVDFab plat of course to rip, and VideoLan to play or out on my TV its a Sony DVD player…

Aloha, wizzard. To view the subtitles and select which one to play in VLC, select Video, then Subtitles Track, then choose 1,2,3,4 or whatever. You may have to experiment to find the subtitles you want, and you have to have selected them for processing with DVDFab by checking the subpicture boxes before you made the copy. I have never been able to get VLC to play forced subtitles (ones that come on automatically) but PowerDVD and WinDVD will do that and your Sony player probably will too. I am writing a new guide on how to do this using some free software called DVDSubEdit. This guide will replace the old one and will be posted in the forum by Sunday east coast USA time.

/EDIT/ If the DVD has subtitles for the non-english speech, you can select them also using the steps above. Not all movies have this feature. Two recent ones that do have this are DaVinci Code and Apocalypto. The ones in DaVinci Code are forced (if I remember correctly) and play automatically when the actors are speaking Latin or French (on the Region 1 disc). The ones on Apocalypto are there for all the spoken dialogue but do not come on automatically (you can make them automatic if you rip the movie using Main Movie or Customize/No Menus and click just to the left of the 2nd subtitle selection box (after putting a check in the box) so that a little green arrow appears. I have a screen capture of what this should look like if this is what you are trying to do. This will work for most players.