Question DVD drive Sata internal support Quality Disc test

I have a DVD drive model DRW-24F1MT/BLK/B/AS with M-Disc support, is it possible for me to make any changes for it to support the “Quality Disc” test? Quality Disc and M-Disc support

Should work. Or is the start button grayed out like here?


My drive is ASUS model DRW-24F1MT/BLK/B/AS it supports M-Disc ok but I don’t know if it supports Disc Quality test and I would like it to support disc quality test as well.

Not as shipped by ASUS.

Your drive is a Samsung drive having custom ASUS firmware which disables the MediaTek quality scanning features.

You would need to determine the equivalent Samsung model and crossflash the firmware, which could work but also risks killing your drive or having other unexpected effects on performance.

I didn’t know it was risky I just wanted to keep full MDisc DVD support and add disc quality testing support

If it were that important to me I’d just buy a cheap LiteOn drive off eBay and use that for scanning.

I burned 4x many Verbatim MDisc DVD but my drive doesn’t support the disc quality test so I can test and find out if this DVD will last long

is no firmware for my asus drive safe and reliable to maintain full M-Disc support and add support for disc quality test?


Do I need to download only the ID00 version or do I need to download the SB00 version as well?

if I use these firmware will full compatibility with M-Disc DVD be maintained?

i not loose mdisc compatibility

Sorry, this is as far as I can take you on this idea. You might do better to post a reply to the thread I quoted above, as some with more experience with crossflashing will likely chime in to help you.

As advertised, the equivalent Samsung drive appeared to support M-Disc.

Disc Quality Test is the best test to determine the longevity of data saved on DVD MDisc?

Not directly, as there is no way to test longevity except to age the disc and re-test.

The disc quality test will give you information on the readability of the recorded data at the time of the test.

Data burned on M-Disc DVD has the need to test Disc Quality? I have M-Disc DVD Verbatim burnt

Sorry, I’m done with this thread as the line of questioning is taking an all too familiar turn.