Question concerning Plextor Premium




Today, I received an RMA Drive from Plextor which replaced my old and defective Premium device.

the weird thing about the new drive is following:

The drive was built in April, 2005.

the label on the drive showed, that the TLA is XXXX (yes, XXXX was on the drive)

This XXXX was pasted over with TLA 0006.

What does that mean?

By the way, by scanning a CD with alexander noe’s pxscan, pxscan the TLA of the scanning device is :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (yes, pxscan says that the TLA is a few smilies)

Thanks for answers!


The pasted on 0006 should indicate that the drive is probably refurb and is at firmware version 1.06, the latest out.


Would you mind telling us what the serial number of the drive is (last six digits, respectively the first three of those last six)?