Question- Can I make it internal?



I have the 716uf external drive, but if I wanted to, could I remove the case and make it so I can internally connect it via IDE to a desktop, or is this not possible? Would it be the same as a 716a ?


Yes you can but it will VOID the warranty. And yes the drive inside the case is 716A.


Is this enclosure easy to open? I am taking a quick glance at it, but I don’t exactly see a way.

All I would need to get is an IDE wire to connect it, right?


You’re not worry at all regarding the warranty?

I can’t say how easy it is, rondocap, I don’t have the UF version. You can use an existing IDE cable from your desktop. If I were you, I would buy a cheaper internal drive as a complement to your external one.


i’m also finding a way to open my 708uf enclosure… but i still dont know how…
anyone here already opened one of these plex enclosures? i can only find one screw… hmm…


Seriously, why go through all the trouble of opening a 716UF to get at the 716A on the inside when it would have been cheaper just to get a 716A in the first place?


There are probably (4) screws under the rubber feet on the base.

But why would you want to do this? Can’t you just return it or exchange it?


i’m planning to use my 708uf enclosure to put newer faster writer inside… :slight_smile:
few more days and the warranty will expire…


Well, your 708UF is probably out of warranty so it’s okay :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah thats why i’m planning on opening it up very soon… :slight_smile:
anyway… i see a snap on at front side… maybe thats the key…
cant see any screws inside the rubber base its transparent…


Well, it’s certainly possible to open the case without breaking it.


gee, thanks for the link… it seems like i now know how to open the enclosure… :slight_smile:
i’ll post some pics and guide if i can open the enclosure this week… :slight_smile:


Well, the reason I didn’t get an internal one right away is because I have a laptop now. I plan to build or buy a new desktop in about 6 months, so that is why I am doing this.


Oh, and you think that your new desktop will miss some USB 2.0 connectors? I don’t think so, even barebones have at least two of them. :wink:


No, it will have plenty of USB 2.0 ports, but I just rather have the burner be inside the machine for practical reasons. :smiley:


I have two Plextor USB enclosures here: one from a PX-W4824TU and one from a PX-W4012TU. These two are very easy to open up: there are two screws on the back and one inside (with four extra ones holding the drive in place). I have removed both drives from their enclosures and replaced them with Plextor DVD recorders. No problems whatsoever here :wink: The only thing that’s too bad is that these older enclosures have no Firewire ports so now I am forced to use USB2.0 which can only have up to 9x or so when ripping and burning movies :frowning: