Question bout securerom and deamon tools

I have been trying to make x2 play using an image. i have tried making a bw image with bwa that didn’t work, tried clone cd that didn’t work tried clone with twinpeak and that didn’t work.

now these do work when burned but they don’t work in deamon tools. i got one error once saying emulation detected and gave me a securerom site link. it always Locks the disk in deamon tools and have to reboot to get it removed.

second question. i made a clone/twin peak copy of x2 and it refuses to work in my hp 9500 drive but works in my acer 12x drive. and detection is very slow. how do i improve the speed at which it succedes? i used bwa editor and tweaked out the peaks and valleys to make it a smooth curve. then burned with clone. oh i used the alcholer twinpeak program not the official one. is there a diff or do both do the same job?

well enough questions. hope someone has answers.