Question 'bout hardware

hi guys n gals
I just tried to copy nolf with my shitty-crappy-equip :wink: I used a shuttle 10x/40x dvd/cd-drive as a reader and a freecom 8x4x32x as a writer. in the clonecd settings everything was turned off (subchan, fast err skip etc.). Took me like one and a half hour for the first cd, second like 12min or so. Everything works fine with the game. Now I would like to know what this tells me… As I heard nolf has sd2, does this tell me I can copy sd2 protected games? I don’t really think so…


Well there is indeed SafeDisc protection (I can tell cause of the 1.5 hours reading). I don’t know on SafeDisc 2 but it could very well be possible. You should check your game with a protection scanner to see if SD2 is present. Use for instance Clony.

If it does say that the game is SD2 then maybe your hardware isn’t that crappy :wink:

nope, it’s not protected by safedisk 2. I copied it perfectly and I am not yet able to copy SD2 disks like hitman.

Hi I live in australia and my copy of nolf has sd2 protection on it. But use clony and it will tell you for sure.