Question Before Purchase

Ok so i have read all the forums … read through all the debates and it seems from what i have read LiteOn is the way to go to burn SD protected games and other data …

But i also burn alot of music … I have seen that LiteOn is not very good at this… Is this true? When the wife or daughter wants to copy a music CD will they burn a coaster, or crappy sound or have a new cd to listen too?

And if the LiteOn is not good at music should i got with a plextor instead?

Basically I looking for the best all around burner … which im sure is hard to say …

I burn SD protected games and music … will the LiteOn do the job well enough to keep the wife and daughter happy :smiley:

Thanks for your time!!

Lite-On is very good at everything except reading protected audio discs.

But you may use another drive to read the protected audio discs.

It will write everything, and it will read un-protected audio just fine. Note that the Lite-On is better at defeating game protections than plextor.

Also, you could buy a 24x model liteon burner [quite cheap - about £50] and buy a 24x plex burner, so you get the best of both worlds, (unless of course, you care about speed!)

Thanks OC for the reply…

One more question for you … Is music cd protection on alot of the new CD’s? I only ask this because Im wondering how much of an issue that it is, if there is only a few CD’s out there that are protected then it will not be a issue … BUT if it is becoming an every CD thing then im not sure i wanna buy a burner that will basically only burn games…

Can you read the protected CD off another drive then burn to LiteOn?

hehehe this stuff was alot more cut and dry 4 or 5 years ago …

Most 2002 discs will be protected, at least most released by sony.

It depends on where in the world you live, some parts of the world have more protected discs than other parts of the world. Europe normally have many protected discs for an example.

If you have another drive capable of reading protected audio the Lite-On will still write it without problems.

OC, make a recomendation on A cdrom that can read the audio cd that are hard o read [eg: K2A protection.]

Is this toshiba drive a lotof people talk about the best?

Personally I’ve only had luck with plextor as readers for protected audio.

Toshiba SD-M1502: Reads a bit then crashes
Lite-On(all models): Can’t recognize the disc at all
Asus DVD-ROM: No way!

Plextor PX-W1210A: piece of cake, no problem

interesting. mayb i should start a thread. I have a 50x cdrom that can read K2A but i dont know the device name - it is not stated anywhere