Question and need advice about etrainer copying

Hello everyone.

My question is this, I recently tried to copy the “CCNA Virtual Library E-trainer”. My luck, I went through
7 cd’s. It is protected with safedisc. I know I am going to be told to use Winimage,
make an iso of it, use nero, clonecd, or CDRwin. But guess what I did, I tried them all. It does not have a *.icd file to it. The safedisc was present, but I wasted too many cd’s and too many hours. If anybody has anymore Ideas please post them here or send to my address.
Usually I dont have a problem. My burner
is a HP7200i+.(Yes the one that gave HP eternal hell). Mine works fine and has copied Unreal tournament, and lots of protected things before until now. Nothing is wrong with the burner or the system settings.

Maybe it is just uncopiable?