Question:Adding Another DVD to My new Dell

Fist off, Hello from a newbie. I have been reading here quite a lot, and My head is still spinning LOL. I have already learned a lot. Thanks

I have a new Dell XPS that I just bought. It has a Sony CRX217e CD RW and a Philips(benq) DVD8801 DL RW. The Sony is in the top slot and is the “primary” drive.

My question is this:

I keep reading about Master and Slave settings, but on my Dell, both Drives are set to CSL. When I look up the drives Specs on the Dell website, it says Dell systems use the CSL setting. If I replace the CD RW with another DVD ROM or RW, do I have to set it to CSL, or can it be changed to Slave and master. Also what is the advantage to changing the settings if it is allowed?

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome!

there is nothing left than trying out and see, what works. If you want to replace one of those drives, I’d try CS setting at first. If that works, then there is nothing else to to.
In case of errors, try classical Master/Slave settings, but you’ll have to change the settings for both drives, that are connected to the same cable.


They probably set them as CSL so that assemlers wouldnt mess it up. In my opinion it is always better to know which drive does what. Thus master/slave is what I would suggest.

Speaking of assemblers, When I got the computer about 2 weeks ago, the CD RW would not open at all. It would make thumping noises only.
I hit the emergency Eject, and nothing. I [B]PRYED[/B] the door open with all my might. At first I was just going to replace it with a DVD anyway, but then I said “I paid for it, I’m gonna make them fix it”. (Good thing I had the 2nd drive, so I could load all my software).

So I asked them to ship me a new drive (I got it the next day) When I took out the old one, [B]it looked like someone had stomped on it[/B] the bottom had a huge dent, and a large deep scratch. There is no way this computer was ever bench tested like they say they are or else it would have been discovered. It had to have been damaged before assembly, because the whole chassis would have been trashed if it happened in shipping.

Anyway, I digress…Had to vent a little. :a

Thanks for the replies

Gotta love Dell. I heard of people buying laptops and keeping them because the number of dead pixels was within a range. :doh:

Master for your DVD burner and slave for the CDRW drive, Be sure to go into your BIOS (F2 on boot) and check all the settings. Update your BIOS at the Dell site. Then check your FW at the subsection of this forum for help with your brand. CSL should be ok but I never use it. PIONEERs and Plex prefer master.

Thanks for the reply…
I am wanting to replace the CDRW with another DVD, probably another burner, not ROM.

So I should make the better burner the Master, and use the other as a reader/slave right?

Looks like u’ve got Benq:
which is overall a decent drive. If u need RAM support, then add say reflashed 111D, which u may want to make a master.