Question abt working of ram idle pro

hay any body uses this software ram idle pro?? this software can optimise ram … but i noticed one thing …
now suppose i want to free 64mb ram …s/w will optimise ram performance

u will c results in screen shots after and before using s/w optimization option

now in performance tab i notice some things happening …in physical memory there is increase in available memory …but in page file usage there is slightly difference …why is like that??
page file usage …is virtual memory concepts have to do with that ??

is this s/w is really optimizing my sys ram ??? try to cofig out in shots and let me know too :slight_smile: so that i can buy it :slight_smile:

note : (these shots r printed when most frequent s/ws were used or loded in memory)

As you can see in your screenshot, the only thing it does is to swap more (unused??) memory to the increasing swap file, thus freeing the memory for other tasks. Think of it as an extra deluxe cache flushing. Sorta like a golden toilet :slight_smile:

RAM optimizers are mostly snake oil

A dynamic optimizer forces additional swapping, and “defragments” RAM by allocating a large contiguous chunk - worse still, when the system is already seeing a memory shortage, it places extra demands on the memory.

I have found occasion improvements in application performance, from the more reasoned apprach of forcing a memory flush immediately before running a large application.

Swapfile tinkering is anther area of limited return…
A very good article - now in general, if disk space is not short, I favour a swapfile allocation set to match your normal peak workload ( = observed peak allocated, not just used ), and dynamic expansion to allow for any eventualities.

I would use a spare drive as a swapfile drive, even if it were not quite as fast as the main drive.

thanks for the link matth :slight_smile: