Question abt ATIP protection

The ATIP protection is based on this fact: when the game starts it checks if there’s ATIP info present: if so then it will presume it’s a CD-R disc and will not play. However a normal CD-ROM cannot read this ATIP and will of course ‘say’ that this data is not present: thus the copy will work…

doesnt this defeats the purpose of the protection? so unless new CDROMs can read the ATIP… wont the protection be redundant?

Can anyone explain this? :confused:

I formerly used my sony 4X4X24X burner and CloneCD 2.6 to make a back up of Diablo 2… which didnt work on my sony cdrom, giving the message of “Please insert correct disc” which led me to believe that the ATIP was being read by my cdrom rite? then why when I used my Liteon 32123S and CloneCD 5.5.8 to burn a backup…the exact same sony cdrom could now read the disc?

can anyone give possible explainations? thanks :slight_smile:

exactly the cd writers read atip so you have to use the hide cdr media option with clonecd
but normal cd roms dont read atip so you can play an atip protected game in your cd rom

It is is just a small trick added to the total protection… they just want to make it as hard as possible… but this ATIP protection on its own would make much sense, so in a way you are right. (I have no clue about your specific problem.)


thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

still cant figure out wat was wrong in my previous backup of D2, probably the way it was copied…I suppose. But who cares… it works now :smiley: