Question about writing speed with Dual Layer 2,4



I just needed to ask, If I am using Nero to burn a movie at 2.4x on a dual layer disc, will the burn be of any less quality if I am surfing the internet at the same time as burning? It has happened before, before i upgraded when I was using Tuff disc Dual layer media (coaster media if there ever was one, i was getting 3 coasters out of a pack of ten), and my lappy was freezing mid burn. I havent been using tuff disc since then, but now i am using Ricoh discs.

Since i upgraded my laptop to 1 gig of ram I still try not to run any intensive programs, like photoshop etc, but with these specs, would the burn quality suffer? :eek:

Pentium 4 2.8ghz, 1 gig ram, 40 gig on board HDD , laptop type hard disk so about 23,500kb/s is the speed of it in the nero preferences/test hard disk speed/ section. XP home, with sp2.


The burn quality can suffer every time the writer has to wait for the buffer to fill up. It’s best not to do much data transferring and/or cpu hungry applications while writing a disc.


Maybe creating an image/ISO with Nero and burning on DL media with DVDD/ImgBurn is the better idea?! :wink:


Not likely. I could see running something that requires a ton of disc access from the same drive you’re burning from causing some under-runs, but even then, you’d still probably be okay.


At least ImgBurn would show better than Nero the real BUFFER usage. :wink: