Question about Win98 SE

hello, I was trying to find out how to edit the boot screen on Win98 SE. I upgraded from Win95c and no it’s not Logo.sys (due to popular belief). Is there some program that has the capability of editing or changing the bootscreen because I want to put my own picture at the boot sequence. Thanks for your help. …Keep on freaking…

Check out sites that are specialised in themes and stuff . The best sites have FAQS which will most likely answer your question .
good luck

isn’t it either logos.sys or logow.sys?

logos.sys is the startup logo and logow.sys is the wait screen that tells you it’s OK to turn your computer off.

Check out their serious FAQ. They have links to software wich changes boot screens if you can’t find LOGO.SYS, LOGOW.SYS or LOGOS.SYS