Question about Widescreen Monitors

Do widscreen monitors stretch your desktop so that everything is no longer in perspective. Do they cut the top and bottom of things off. I just do not understand the technology used I guess is what I’m trying to say. :o

Mainly they will stretch older games etc. out but newer ones should work proerly as long as the gfx card and resolution chosen is correct.

Interesting question.

Windows (2D) will change the video resolution to a fitting resolution, which will be a 16:9 or 16:10 resolution.
Icons will remain the same number of pixels, aka X*Y pixels and will not be stretched, you’ll just be able to fit more sideways, and less rows of them :wink:

I’d suspect that most older games would just crop the ends off when they change resolution, and you’ll be playing with just 2/3 of your monitor -> That’s what happens with all the widescreen laptops I’ve used :slight_smile:

Thanks “chef” and “debro”!. Thats what I needed to know.
Thanks again, :bow: :bow: