Question about Wide Screen movies?

I have a couple movies that say on the DVD case and DVD disk they are widescreen movies. But before backing up on Clone DVD it says that the movie is a 4:3 ratio instead of a 16x9 ratio. So I put the movie in my DVD player (which is set to 16x9) and on my widescreen TV the black bars are much larger than other widescreen movies. The viewing space of the movie is really small, and the quality does not look as sharp as it should. Keep in mind this is the actual movie before I made my back up copy.
I have a few movies like this, that state they are Wide Screen, but Clone DVD says otherwise and they look different than other wide screen movies i own. The movies im having problems with are Titanic, Backdraft, The Edge, Snake Eyes, and Enemy Of The State. On these movies which all claim widescreen the black bars are so much bigger than any of my other widescreen movies. Anyone know why this is?

depends on TV and aspect ratio. you have 16:9 TV so the movie should be stretched to the whole screen (must be anamorphic widescreen - 16:9 enhanced), but only if its aspect ratio is about 1,85:1. 2,35:1± movies will always have black bars in the screen even on 16:9 TV.

btw, where are you from?

You are not having problems. That is the way those DVDs were made. I looked up every one of the movies you named. All the DVD’s for those movies were authored in “Letterboxed” Widescreen. The other,

(…they look different than other wide screen movies i own…)
better kind of Widescreen is called “Anamorphic” Widescreen.


so my question is answered - R1

ffddsa: here you can check info about releases you have

Great site sonoluca, never heard of it til now. Thanks for that link. :slight_smile: