Question about Walking OPC on 1620

When I am recording using the my 1620, the light often flashes green,

I was wondering, is this a buffer underrun or the walking opc in action?

My burns are good but not as good as some, (look excellent in the beginning, but moutain towards the end)

Can anyone shed any light.

I am using Prodiscs R03


P4 2.53ghz
Abit AI7 Mobo
768MB 333mhz DDR
SATA150 Raid
Liteon 1213@1633 BSOK Secondary Master
BenQ 1620A.OC1 B7M9 Primary Master
TDK DVDRW 840G 1.08 External Firewire case

what drive are you using to scan and have you tried other media?

I have tried CMC MAG E01, Optodisc OR4,

I am using the 1213s@1633s to scan with…

It’s not unusual for Prodisc or a number of other disks to have a mountain at the end.

is it by any chance a 1600 to 1620 drive?

have you tried scanning with benq?

Nope it is a BenQ 1620 oem purchased from Newegg (G Firmware Which I flashed to B firmware)

yes and it is pretty much the same, my main question is, is the green light normal, or a problem with Buffer underrun, I am wondering if the switch to 12x is causing the mountain due to buffer problems.