Question about Verbatim Mail in Rebate

Hopefully this isn’t in the wrong section. I was hoping someone with experience with Verbatim MIR’s, specifically the DVD-R 100pk 16x rebate which was recently removed on 2/28. What exactly would I have to mail in? I have an idea of which UPC (bar code) to send in, but there’s a few listed on the box. I’m assuming the largest bar code with the tracking number right above it would be the one to send in? A coupon and sale receipt are also mentioned. My plan was to print out a copy of the invoice from newegg. I’m not sure if the packing list has any purpose…

I hope to avoid mailing the wrong information and find out a month later my rebate was rejected :(.

Any help is welcomed. Ty in advance.

No advice? :frowning:

[QUOTE=DM85;2230657]No advice? :([/QUOTE]

The bar code is on the orange and blue plastic wrap on the dvd cake box itself. I think the receipt has to show the price of the item circled. You probably have an email for that or you can go to newegg and print it out. Fill out the rebate coupon and follow all the instructions, including making copies, and you’ll be ok.

Wow…frankly I’m embarrassed I never realized they were probably referring to the barcode on 100pk. Ty for clearing that up for me lol.