Question about Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL


I found a good offer on 25pc spindle of Verbatim DVD+R 8.5GB 2.4X DL

35 Euros seems very good, but the question is, are these Made in Singapore? Mindfactory doesn’t (want to) tell me. I bought one at a local shop almost 2 months ago that was MIS, and they are very good quality.

So how high is the probability that they could be Made in India (=evil :))? Are there 2.4x DL Verbs out there that are not MIS?


You simply can’t buy Verbs via mailorder and know what you’ll get.

You are from ???

Printable MKM001, should bei MIS.

[QUOTE=chef;2016340]You are from ???

Printable MKM001, should bei MIS.[/QUOTE]

Living in Germany. But there is no information if it’s printable. The online dealers i asked say i should ask Verbatim… :Z

This is driving me mad - i have to pay 15 Euro more just to make sure it’s MIS (local shop). This is nuts…

They are printable.

Kapazität ohne Komprimierung: 8.5 GB
Besonderheiten: Bedruckbare Oberfläche

Doh! I’m blind… :doh:
Thanks to all people who replied to help me :flower:

Please report if theyre MIS or MII if you buy them because Im interested too :slight_smile:

Well, Womi, i just ordered here:

because it was the only shop that gave me the info i needed. They said they are both MIT or MIS, not MII. All other shops said “ask Verbatim” or didn’t even bother to reply, faule Säcke…

I’ll report back when i have them.

As promised. I got the Verbatims today. They are Made in Singapore. :clap: