Question about using two Plextors

The Plextor manual recommends keeping the drive as a Master. What kind of performance drop is there by having 2 Plextors with one Master and the other as Slave on the Secondary IDE channel?

Everything works fine for me with PX-716A as master and Plex Premium as slave. I’ve no performance problems!

It’s recommended but this doesn’t mean you can’t have two Plextor drives on the same channel. In most cases it won’t be a problem to have two on one IDE channel. Problems can occur but mostly when the Plextor is slave to a device that doesn’t (or supports a lower) UDMA mode.

I have my 716a as Master and my 708a as slave and havent had any problems.

I have the same configuration PX-716A as Master PX- Premium as Slave and works perfect for me

I also have 716A as master and Premium as slave on one channel: no problems.

My thanks to all for their helpful input. :slight_smile:

works fine for me 2----no problema