Question about using two drives



if your system has an internal burner and an external burner can you use one to read a dvd and the other drive to burn it. i am trying to use the search feature but keep getting the page cant be displayed message everytime i try. when i use the second button in clonedvd latest version i see where both drives are listed, e and f. when i use e to read when its done it says to insert blank media into the e drive. i would like to use one to read and the other to burn, just wondering if this is possible.


not sure about CloneDVD but i’ve successfully used an external and an internal drive to read/write.


i have used other programs like oneclick copy, where you can go into the settings and use two drives. you put the original in one drive and a blank in the other drive and it reads the movie to hd then uses other drive to burn. on clonedvd2 version when i use one drive to read it to the hd when its done i have to put the blank back into the same drive to burn a copy. just dont want to wear out the drive.


so im taking the silence as this is not yet possible, but it would be a good idea for a future update ollie, lol.


try PM’ing Ollie…i don’t use clonedvd so couldn’t tell ya…


I have no trouble doing this with an older version so you should be able to do it as well. I just list the first drive as source of files (same as HD sub directory) and then I click on the second drive just before I hit “GO”. Works fine with discs in drives before I start.


thanks that did the trick, thought i tried that before, was doing something wrong i guess. but just tried backing up a movie with two drives and it worked great.