Question About Using DVD Duplicator To Copy DVD RAM Discs

I have quite a few DVD RAM discs (about 6 or 7 years old) that I want to make copies of using the DVD-R format (only because DVD RAM doesn’t seem very popular, and won’t run on many DVD players). Does anyone manufacture a 1-to-1 DVD duplicator that will copy my DVD RAM discs onto blank DVD-R?

Many thanks for your help. This is kind of important for me to be able to do this.

You’d want to convert the video format from DVD-VR to DVD-V. Different file structures and compatibility. Most any DVD authoring software should be able to do it.

That said, any DVD copying utility will copy the files over to DVD-R. Same is true for a duplicator, it’ll do the job. But that won’t get you around the compatibility issue.

As CDan points out, you will need to learn if the recordings are in -VR format or -video. Insert one of the discs in your computer drive and have a look with windows explorer for what kind of files it contains?

There are softwares available such as DVD VR extractor that may help make the process easier if they are in VR format. You only need one DVD-RW drive in your computer to accomplish this.