Question about using Bad media's on LG burner



I want to ask you

Do Any bad media affect to LG burning performance or the lens :confused:


Physically bad media can. Low-grade media no.


Thanx Corbus

no one suggest any idea !!


since the lens doesn’t actually touch the disc, it will be hard for any media to physically damage it


Unless the disc itself is physically damaged. I have seen brand new cd-r’s where the reflecting dye was peeling off. Imagine spinning those around in your drive.


I disagree. A couple of weeks ago, a Ridata DVD-R damaged the dvd lens of my LG drive.


mmmm yes they maybe become damage because the reflection of burning laser beam is to high… it will reflect the laser beam to the source again

so it could be…


Huh ??

A little more info would be interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


This is turning into a Star Wars episode with laser fights. :slight_smile:
I think the only non fictional way a disc can damage your drive if some part of the disc comes loose.