Question about updates

Hiya guys.
I was just wondering if I need to do anything to get these updates or do they update on there own?

Hi auge_28 and welcome to cdfreaks.

You need to manually download and install the updates.
Both beta and final versions are posted by Fengtao right here on the Fab forum. Look at or near the top for the stickies.
The final versions are also posted on Fengtao’s home page:

Finally, you can enable (in common settings)
"[B]Check for new version automatically[/B]".

This will just notify you, you still have to dl and install.
I think the app checks once a week or so…

Hope this helps.

When you open the program to use it queries the internet for updates, unless you turned it off.

It will only check once a week not everytime you open the program