Question about UDMA mode

hi my benq 1650 is running on UDMA mode 2, i heard that i need a 80-Conductor Cable to get it to mode 5, do i connect the cable to my hard drive or the benq 1650?

Well it all depends on how many IDE devices you have and what the capacity of the Mobo (IDE Channels). I keep my hard drive on a seperate IDE channel 1 and my burner on channel 2. Then it depends if you use cable select or primary and slave configuration. If you have an old Mobo maybe one channel is dma 5 only and the second is only 4 or 3.

If you use cable select on your ide devices the first connection from the mobo to your IDE device will be master on that ide channel and the second connector from the Mobo will be slave. If you have a chance make the burner master and alone on the IDE channel(that supports mode 5) and If you have a cdrom or something else on the same channel slave.

So the answer is 1) from mobo to the burner (if the burner is alone)

  1. from mobo to primary HDD and then to the burner (if HDD is where you have the OS)
    HDD is master and the burner is slave.

I dont know about the newer mobos that are out there with serial ATA and raid etc

The Benq 1650 only runs in UDMA mode 2. It will not go higher regardless of what you do.

You should ,however, always use quality 80wire IDE cables these days. They are essential for hard drives otherwise you’ll never get UDMA mode 5/6 on them using 40wire cables.

If you’ve only got 2 devices , one HDD & 1 burner then you should have 2 80wire cables , with the HDD on one , running on the primary channel & the burner on the other running on the secondary channel. This will give you the best performance for ripping & burning.

On rare occassions the secondary IDE channel will not give Ultra DMA modes for optical devices , in which case the HDD goes to the secondary & the burner to the primary.

thank you so much for the help

lol i don’t think there will be a UDMA Mode 5 burner anytime soon :D:D:D

some pioneers run in UDMA4 so it doesn’t seem THAT far off!

& Litey’s & Plextors :wink:

There will be no UDMA5 … burner, for what anyway?

They can come with SATA if necessary, ide ports will be replaced by sata already…

Pioneers come with an UDMA4 Host ÄInterface since the 109 series.

Some LG drives are also capable of UDMA4 (but with 3rd party firmware).

The question has been answered so now who cares what other drives are capable of.

I have connected my Samsung SH-W162C to a SATA port via an IDE2SATA adaptor, and in Device Manager under “nVidia nForce 4 Serial ATA Contoller” it appears as “Serial ATA Generation 1 - 1.5G”. Still, I’m pretty sure that the real speed is UDMA2, since the burner is only UDMA2 capable.

Are all the real Plextors ( not rebadges) UDMA 4, like the 716A, 755A, 760A.

Yes, these three are.

I have the LG GSA-4166b and it is UDMA 4 with 80 pin cable and I am using LG firmware 1.02…no third party firmware necessary with this drive…