Question about TV tuners

Quick question, if i was to buy a DVD recorder with a hard drive and an inbuilt single digital TV tuner, and if i was to buy a LCD TV with an inbuilt TV tuner also, could i say record a program onto the hard drive of the recorder and watch another channel at the same time? Obviously i need two tuners to do this, and sometimes you get dual tuners in the recorders themselves but i just want to know if you can have the same effect by having a tuner in the TV and one in the recorder. The recorder i was specifically looking at was found here


I don’t see why not. I have a ReplayTV, Panasonic ES15, LG RC797 all connected to my TV through a switch box. Right now the LG is dubbing VHS to DVD, the ES recording from the ReplayTV and I am watching the new on my TV.