Question about the SOHC-5232K

I got a new Pionner 16x DVD burner, but it requires a 40-pin 80 conductor cable to reach max burning speed(16x), I can’t use one of those cables because of my Samsung CD-RW(52x), buffer goes from 5% to 98%, also it takes up to 10 mins to burn a 700MB CD(at 52x) with the buffer jumping like that when I use a 80 conductor cable, so I would like to know if the LiteOn CD-RW/DVD combo can be used with one of these cables or will I get the same buffer problem?

It should be fine with a 80-conductor cable; it’s what I use with my LiteOn combo drive.

Your pioneer should also work with a 40 pin cable. UDMA2 with 33 MB/sec should be fast enough for the 21.6 MB you need for 16x.
Anyway, check that UDMA2 is still enabled on your Samsung drive when you use the 80 conductor cable. This might also be a ide driver problem. You should use the default microsoft driver. Attach the text output of nero infotool when you are in the 80 conductor config in case you need further help.

I have the SOHC-5232K. It works perfectly with either cable. With a 40-pin cable, it is recognized as “Ultra DMA 2” (33MBps). With an 80-pin cable, it is recognized as “Ultra DMA 3” (44MBps). I have used a couple of these drives in a few different motherboards and have noticed, some BIOSes refer to the drive as “Ultra DMA 0”, however Windows will always see it as “Ultra DMA 3” when a 80-pin cable is used.

BTW, I love this drive. IMO, it’s the best Combo drive available. Triple Colored LED, Ultra DMA 3, ability to patch to RPC-1 without modified firmware.


Thanks a lot for your help people :slight_smile: