Question about the old 1300A firmware?

Why is there a 1.08 v.2 & a 1.0C on Herries website?? is it because someone that had a drive with original 1.08 needs to use the 1.08/v.2 and someone with original 1.0a-c needs to use the 1.0c or is it ok to use the 1.0c on the original 1.08 because I’ve had the 1.0c flashed on my drive that came originally with 1.08 and it has been working fine well the little bit that I use it which is not very often mostly for cd’s @ 16x. But basically is it ok to use 1.0c on a 1300a that had stock 1.08??

Using 1.0C on a drive that currently has 1.08 should work just fine. If I remember correctly Herrie just made several patches for 1.08 because he had someone add Bitsetting to that firmware.