Question about the new plextor premium

i have lots many games before, and it very annoying. that is one reason i am going to buy the premium drive or if i cant afford it then maybe the 48x plextor. my question is, how does the premium do with playstation games(not PS2)? does it make a good backup(unlike my tdk which makes ps backups that dont work). if i had a good burner to backup my games i would of never been woried about loosing disc 1 of FFIX.

If I had a Playstation and some discs still, I’d test it for ya, but alas, I don’t, and I’ve yet to see anyone anywhere list how it does with em.

Considering how well it works with everything else though, I’d be willing to bet it will have no problem with PS discs, but then again, I’ve rarely won a bet. :wink:


Well my Plextor premium just arrived (20 minutes ago) so I don’t know how it will perform with PSX games (as I don’t own a PSX anymore) but as my Plextor 12x didn’t have any problems with writing PSX games (those ran smooth on my modded PSX) I suspect the Premium to do the same, or even better…

Most PlexWriters have never had any big problems with PSX discs. Previous Plextor drives were limited to 8x reading when extracting the SubChannel Data (required for PSX) and this lower speed is always recommended when reading PSX. It depends on the quality of the reader, Plextor Premium in this case (haven’t tested its PSX reading abilities yet), the used media and your console itself. Some PSX consoles require good quality media to play back-ups while others are less picky. So in short I would say that the Premium will probably make a good back-up as long as you use quality media.