Question about the guide (DVD to SVCD)



I tried to follow the instruction…But failed.
I downloaded all programs… but I can’t get CCE 2.50.
So I downloaded CCE 2.66(I think).
Everything goes smooth but encoding with CCE.
In the ecoding part, with a error message it stops… It’s really frustrating!
I also got TMPGenc… With that I can backup…not using DVD2SVCD…So I can’t rip subtitle…
What I want to know is how can I rip the subtitle form DVD with TMEGenc… Is it possible?
I just backed up one DVD… with Samrt ripper, DVD2AVI, TMPGenc, and Nero…
It works with beauty… but I need to rip subtitle…
Would you help me?


Well if you want hard coded subtitles with TMPGEnc then just frameserve the video (with subs) using AVISynth.

SVCD spec however supports seperate subtile streams, so you might want to try that, in which case you would encode just the regular video without subtitles.

What is the CCE error message?


DVD2SVCD does not work well with 2.66 CCE, suggest you try d/l’ing 2.50 again.

You can also use TMPGenc with DVD2SVCD instead of CCE. DVD2SVCD will frameserve the Sub to TMPGenc for you all seamlessly.


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I tried to rip sub, using DVD2SVCD with TMPGEnc… It’s done successfully…But… when I tried to watch the file with Sub, I couldn’t see any subtitle…And I just burned file named with Sub-something… I can’t see Sub on DVD player even though movie itself looks great…
What is ‘frameserve’?
And… Can I rip DVD with many episodes with DVD2SVCD?
If so, how can I do that? I read the guide… I don’t understand…
Could you explain me more in detail?
Also can I burn one or two episodes per a CD?


You have not indicated what you are backing up to, is it VCD, SVCD or DVDR ? This info would greatly help someone to answer you.



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Thanks for that.

Many (if not most!) DVD Players will not playback Subs in a SVCD unless they are PERMANENT, so make sure you choose that option in DVD2SVCD.

As for Multi-episode DVD’s, yes you can convert these no probs with DVD2SVCD. Rip each Epiosode off the dvd with Smartripper/DVD Decrypter to its own folder using IFO mode. Then just treat that as a small movie and process as usual. Except if the eps are say only 22min long, then you can get 2 per CD, so in the Bitrate Tab, set disk size to 400 (thats 1/2 of an 800 mb CD). Dont create an Image, just make MPG files and use VCDEasy to burn them out by loading in the 2 mpgs.


Originally posted by heat6275
using DVD2SVCD with TMPGEnc… It’s done successfully

cce gives a better quality!


to de deejay…
I can’t find CCE 2.50… where can I download it?

Another question.
yeah… thanks to your help… I made mpeg file for each episode.
But one file has a problem… Its sound doesn’t sync with picture…
Will it be a permanent problem or if I just try again, will it be solved?
What setting should I change if I need to change for sync?

Help me out!!:bow:


Read the DVD to SVCD Tutorial again, a WORKING link to the demo of CCE 2.50 is there.

As for the out of sync issue, try re-ripping with another ripper or use the internal DVD2SVCD ripper for that episode. There are no settings to change that will effect it being out of sync, its to do with the original movie or the codecs your installed on your PC.

Have a read of the DivX to SVCD Tutorial and read right at the bottom on ways to fix the out of sync problem mpg.


Thank you for answering my stupid questions…:bigsmile:

One more…
Using DVD2SVCD, in which setup I can change to make a one big file? I don’t like the way DVD2SVCD cut my movies…
And then, what program can cut/edit the MPEG-2 file?


In DVD2SVCD, click on the “CD Image” tab and select “Dont Make Images”. You will end up with one big mpg file.

You can use many progs to cut it. bbMPEG, TMPGenc, MPEG-VCR, M2-Edit, etc, etc. but I always find DVD2SVCD (well actually bbMEG) does a fine job.


Originally posted by heat6275
to de deejay…
I can’t find CCE 2.50… where can I download it?
Help me out!!:bow:

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I didn’t get any mail… What are you talking about?
my address:

Anyway, I don’t like CCE2.50 at all… It’s so slow and it put very big logo on the screen… when I saw the logo, I was totally shocked.

Another question. The guide said ‘change CD size to 800’.
I got 80min CDs but it says it’s 700mb… Then I have to set CD size 700, right? Where can I find 800mb blank CD? I searched whole bestbuy store in my town, but I can’t find it.


The CCE2.50 you have is a Demo version, to get rid of the logo you need to register it. Some people have been know to use other methods. You say its slow, gee can you tell me the name of an encoder (not a transcoder) that faster with the same quality output ?

As for the CD size, set it to 800 for an 80min CD. The 700meg printed on an 80min CD is for data saved in Mode1. This does not apply to VCD/SVCD (saved in Mode2 Type2) and you can store 800meg on them. Just follow the Tute and you wont go wrong.


I make an mpeg file with DVD2SVCD for 800 meg.
Man~ Nero doesn’t work for that… It refuse to burn it on my 80 min disk.
So I also tried for the VCDEASY… somehow it doesn’t work.
After scanning image and make an bin image, it said ‘unit doesn’t work’ or something like that and give up burning.



So you fanally made a SVCD with the files being 800meg. Did you make an Image (cue/bin files) or no image (just an mpg file) ? How did you try burning these with Nero, what option did you select?

In the Tutorial I have suggested VCDEasy ( get ver & NOT 1.1.6 from ) for burning SVCD’s for best results. You say its not working for you but have you installed your burner into it ? What ASPI selection did you make?