Question about the code or serial # printed on CD-R, CD-Rw

I have a question concerning the numbers that are printed on each CD-R and CD-RW near the hub of the disc.

(I have spent more than an hour searching past posts and was not able to find an answer. I apologize if the answer is there but I was not able to find it.)

My question is what does the number mean and how can it be interpreted? Is there some place where each manufacturer’s coding information is available (because I assume each manufacturer prints the code a bit differently).

For example, I have a serial # from a Princo CDR:
What information can I learn from this serial #.

Thank you so much for any help that you can provide. It is much appreciated!

Well this question is impossible to answer.
Each manufacturer has it’s own code system.
So far it can help identify certain media. However tracking down the full meaning for all disc’s would require much insight information and a lot of work.