Question about the CD Speed Write test

Has anyone run into an explanation of what the Write test, on a blank CD actually checks for. I see, after running some write transfer tests on various blank media, that some make it to 40x and some don’t. Normally ends with a 030C00 (Write Error).
But since the laser is not on, I wondered just what ‘error’ is seen.
No data is written so what is the simulated write failure. Nothing is burned to the CD so how does it detect an error?
I have never seen this written on the CD Speed site. But have not scoured it. Anyone know this?


yeah, the strange thing is that when running tests it will fail with low-quality media just as it would in real write mode.

Don’t ask my why but that’s just how it is :cool:

kilopapa, I don’t know what that error code means, but it seems it could be a track error, since the track is always present on any CDR (it’s stamped on the CD blank). Try with another blank to see if you stil;l get teh same error and where. Other than that? Look at ASPI, the fragmentation of the hard drive, (test with a disk image to see if the error still shows up), or the data (IDE) cable.


I think I misstated it. I only get the error when trying to test, i.e. 8x or 12x cheap media. And when burned, it indeed has trouble reading back. So I don’t think it is an error with the setup. Just a correct result when trying to do something I shouldn’t do. I just was wondering what is is sensing with the error…

Maybe the good man who wrote the program will reply. I hope.


I think I understood correctly the first time. kilopapa. Your cheap media probably has a weak track (which are present on all blanks) and the program senses that when making a simulation and responds with an error. It doesn’t have to be burnt to give errors. It’s not for no reason that a blank disk has to be inserted for the test to run correctly.