Question about that frosted ring

Hey guys,
If I remember rightly by looking around in these forums the general consensus seems to be that the frosted ring is only particular to TYs. Is this correct?

Cheers Musical

I have some Maxell branded RITEKG04 with a frosted hub, and some CMC MCC004 with a frosted hub :slight_smile:

I think it is exclusive to TY CD-R’s though :confused:

Thanks Kevatcrewe , and Oh yes I was particularly referring to CD-Rs

Some Infodisc CD-RW have a frosted stacking ring (EMTEC).
Some Daxon CD-R may have a frosted stacking ring (Tevion).

Moser Baer CD-R have a [U]partially[/U] frosted ring (the Super Azo CD-R from Verbatim that are made by Moser Baer in India have this too). But don’t worry, you can tell MBI’s little frosted ring easily from TY.

Kg, Err ummm sorry for my ignorance :o :doh: but I mean the hub ring on each individual CD-R… is that the same as a “stacking ring” ?

If my understanding is correct and that only TY CD-Rs have the frosted hub ring, then what do you guys make of this:

At my mums place a visitor left a cakebox of 10???CD-Rs. Cant remember what the brand was but I noticed one CD-R that was different and had a frosted ring, sitting on top but seperated from the others by the top label … obviously just put there as a convenience. I chucked it in mums computer, fired up Nero but the version was 1.02g :o :o :o (yeah major embarrasment ) anywayz it showed very limited disk info … 97m27s18f DyeType 8 Shortsrat Phthalocymine

It had Printed on the disk … “Muller Multimedia Storage” Pearl white type of surface.

2 Codes in the dye area:
CDR UG 80 E … and
(04036113) … brackets included

2 more codes on the clear area:
CDR 3P80C52 2-1-2 …and

Cheers Musical :slight_smile:

CDR UG 80 E is a Plasmon stamper (UG = Ciba’s Ultra Green Phthalocyanine dye).
97m27s18f is a Plasmon ATIP as well.

Don’t know where this came from as Plasmon makes stampers but no CD-Rs themselves so these could have been made everywhere.
The general rule is that TY makes CD-R with frosted hub, and any CD-R with frosted hub and a “80 PGxxxx” or similar stamper code, and dark green cyanine dye, is TY. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response kg and now I know not to trust soley the frosted ring theory alone.

If only I had a digital camera I would’ve been able to upload a shot of it. :doh: The CD-Rs would have been picked up from my mums by now to be returned. Just as an aside, I wonder if you could scan a disk with a scanner
and upload a pikkie that way?


Don’t see why not :slight_smile:

Great, I’ll try and remember that for next time, :iagree: unless of course the object aint flat.