Question about Taiyo-Yuden DVD+R

I have one 8x disc that came with my burner. The code on the disc is YUDEN000T02. The disc tests I’ve run look decent. It plays ok on my Toshiba dvd player, but at a couple of point on my Sony player, there is skipping and freezing, which it works past. However, I thought this brand was very high quality. Does it usually work with all standalone players? Why is my Sony having problems with it? I have a bunch more on the way, is it possible I have a bad disc that came with the player, or possibly a lower-quality one?

Here is a scan at 1x of the media I had a small problem with. How does it look? It is possible that my Sony would not like something toward the end. I’m really not sure how to interpret this.

It seems not a very good burn… PIF shouldn’t more than 4…

Yes at the end those Pos (PIFs) would cause skips on some players…usually the newer home players could compensate for that level but some won’t. suggest you read this to help you determine if you have a good burn or not.

So, would there be a problem with my burner or the media? I thought the media was very HQ. I am getting some more in the mail, so I will try some more burns and look for PIF under 4.

Here’s the strange thing. I unplugged my dvd player for a few minutes, plugged it back in, and now it plays fine over the area which previously skipped.

thats probably just a quincidence…sometimes the players can handle the errors and sometimes not even on the same disk.

also why are you scanning at 1x??? your supposed to scan at 4x as per above documentation I suggest you rescan and post your results at 4x and PLEASE save as .png (jpg is way too big!) before we make any assumptions…also what drive are you using to burn with?

Sorry, I’ll try again. I have the Lite-On 832S drive with VS08 firmware. I patched the firmware with the latest Omnipatcher replacements. This does not effect the TY media. Also, I would like to show you the consistent type of result I am getting on Ritek R03 media. I had no success, and the second graphic shows the result even after switching the write strategy to the recommended one in Omnipatcher. So, do I have bad discs, bad burner, or does the burner just handle the discs badly. I have seen glitches on all the Ritek media I have used with this drive so far (G04 4x -R and R03 8x +R). Got better results as per below with the TY 02 +R 8x, but still some playback glitches toward the end. Would appreciate any insight.

Here is the redo of the TY and the Ritek r03

hmm should be getting alot better burns than that with that drive…ive had defective 812s before where they just burned bad…rmaed them. those disks should burn alot better than that even at 8x. make sure your drive is running in DMA mode also.

Just amazing they cant even bundle a disk with the drive that works. And it is supposed to show the drive off… This must be because of the new outsourcing quality…