Question about subtitles

Hi, i’ve been looking at software that i can download to add subtitles to a video. The only problem is that i don’t really know anything about subtitles. This looked like a good place to ask about them :slight_smile: The main things I am looking at are:

  • Types of software available
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Licence arrangements (freeware, shareware etc)
  • Any players, plugins required by end-user?
  • Potential to export as subtitled sequences to VHS cassette and/or DVD as well as creating files for use in PC based media player.
  • Accessibility issues
  • Ease of use

Anyone got any good subtitle software that they could reccommend?


What do you mean “add”. You mean to export a .srt file to DVD? or so you can type down your own ones as the movie plays? Are we talking about this being for personal use or for wide scale distribution of your movie?

I want to type my own subtitles to a video that I have made, and the video will be for education use.

if u r intending to make dvds, ulead dvd workstation 2 will work fine