Question about subtitles

Ok, I am trying to backup a movie that I ripped from my personal collection awhile back but im running into some troubles.

Its a foreign movie with english subtitles and when I ripped it I ripped it to an Xvid .avi with a .sub and .idx for the subtitles.

Now I am trying to burn it back to a DVD with DVD2SVCD but it will only accept the subtitles as an .SRT file. The only way that I know of to convert a sub to an srt is letter by letter till youve typed the entire movie. Isnt there a way to burn the .avi with the .sub instead of having to convert it to an .srt?

Maybe another program?


first, I don’t know if DVD2SVCD will produce a DVD. If the title is informative, it should produce an SVCD - which is Super Video CD, or MPEG-4 encoded video CD. I may be wrong on that.
You can try searching for a program like sub2srt - I think Google finds some results. I haven’t tried it myself, but just to let you know. sub2srt means converting from SUB file to SRT file - the way DVD2SVCD would mean converting from DVD format to SVCD format.