Question about speed tweaks & copy protection

yeah i was just wondering, a buddy i work with said something about a firmware crack that would allow to read and decrypt faster.

see i use dvdshrink
my drive is a sony dru-800a (i believe it’s a lite-on rebadged drive)
i’ve got a PIII 733mhz with 384 RAM (128+256)
and when i try to back-up a dvd it takes like close to 100 minutes
(if it’s a 6.5Gb dvd for example)
now i know my pc is not the as fast as some others are, but it seems like it’s taking an awful long time to read and decrypt the movie before it burns it, i’ve searched a lilttle bit on the web not finding anything besides an official firmware update from sony (which i’m sure won’t do me any good) and i’ve always found what i was looking for in the cdfreaks forums so i thought i’d join and ask around if someone knew something about that in, if not, well… euh… i… hmmmppff… please help me! :sad:

Your problem is unrelated to the burner, as the biggest chunk of time in a DVD backup goes to the transcoding process and not the ripping/burning. With a 733 MHz system, I’m surprised that you managed to do it under 2 hours (I usually take 2 hours to do a backup on my old 1.4 GHz machine, but I also have the quality settings turned up a bit in DVD Shrink).

thanx a lot, that’s also what i thought at first, but my work buddy kept insisting that companies are putting some kind of lock in the firmware that makes the dvd-drive rip movies only at 2x

that lock your friend is referring to does exist for most dvd-rom drives, but even then, that wouldn’t make up the bulk of your transcoding time.