Question about SP2 for Home Windows

Have a question about SP2 for Home Windows. My question is that I was wondering would that cause problems for my computer and if so what or how do I delete SP2 from my computer. My friend has been having problems with his computer and it seems it started ever since he downloaded SP2. When I disabled norton firewall and anti virus, the internet connection and computer started to run better but when it was on it started to run funny. So I am assuming that it must be SP2 that is causing the problem. Please anyone out there please tell me what to do. Thanks

SP2 has caused some problems for people, depending on their setup, seems like only few have issues. To be honest, you won’t know till you try it. It is in the uninstall list, but I dunno if after uninstalling it, any damage caused will remain. It has also shown to be safer to install SP1a as some users have reported, and then upgrade to SP2.