Question- about sony DVD media 2x/1x

i recently purchased some SONY DVD-RW blank media (DMW47A2)
im going to be soon using these to burn Date on,such as video-clips,etc

my question is…what does it mean by saying 1X-2X compatible?
does this mean they wont work on a lot of older dvd recorders?
ive seen dvds media for sale before but usaully they have X8 or X16

my computer is only 6 months old but i dont know at what speed my
burner writes at ( if that makes any sense ) :confused:
my burner is a laptop HL-DT-ST DVD RW GWA-4082N

i dont want to waste a disc so any help could be apprecaited

i will be using nero to hopefully burn the data!

hi there and welcome to the forums.

The 1x and 2x are referring to the maximum data transfer writing speed of these discs.
Practically any DVD recorder can write at 1 and 2 speed.

The writing software will adapt itself to the maximum writing method of your inserted discs, but in Nero you can also select the writing speed yourself. Inside the hardware of the writer there is a media compatibility list (part of the firmware) that tells the hardware what kind of speed to write the disc with. This can be sort-of hacked using special firmware like those on

Sometimes it’s even possible to write a 2x-compatible disc on even higher speeds (4x , 8x), but it’s not guarantueed to work. From the top of my head i do believe the HL drive can write at a maximum speed of 16.

Just pop in the disc and select the 2x speed in Nero and all those discs should work.